This blog doesn't have doctrinaire pretensions. All that is here posted, humbly aims to share the knowledge that was given to us by great souls, especially the biggest Master that came to this planet, Jesus Christ. Hoping that in my search for spiritual illumination, I am able to share with others what brings me inner comfort.


Be the peace you carry in your soul

"Peace is your natural rhythm and existence. It is the place you know as Home and the way you are accustomed to moving. Peace is the existence you are here to create because it is what you carry inside of you effortlessly. Peace is your birthright and it is your place of ultimate destiny, but only if you choose to be this energy intentionally. Often it is against human nature to respond with peace when one is attacked, embarrassed, upset, and moving through periods of darkness. But peace is always waiting for you when you are ready to detach, surrender, let go and come back to its eternal embrace.
Peace is an energy that must be created on Earth. This is an assignment you willingly chose to contribute your energy towards as peace only exists and thrives with conscious intention. To experience peace is to connect to the parts of your soul that know it regularly. You must develop it within your mind first, then call on it with intention to bring it out into the world through Divine actions.

To create peace means to have loving thoughts where none currently exist. To shine light on all places, internal and external, that are experiencing darkness. To raise the energy to a higher form of itself, a form of transmutation that can happen instantly when it is given intention. To create peace means to be the one who declares all is well when that is not what the human senses are experiencing. Affirm that everything is in Divine order and perfect. Affirm that everything around you and inside of you has a natural state of peace that it willingly opens up to now.

You can transform your body into a higher vessel for peace by cleaning your energy regularly. Imagine the highest possible white light showering down on you, running through your head, neck, shoulders and back. See it opening up all of your cells and infusing your DNA with a higher vibrating light. Follow the energy down through your heart, stomach, solar plexus and hips as the light infuses every organ and bone. Then watch it continue into your lower body as it glides down your thigh, knees, calves and feet, grounding the light into your body and the earth at the same time. Inhale and exhale as this light pulses through your full body and into every part of energetic aura. This is your body at peace, in peace and living peace.
Be the peace you carry in your soul. Be the peace that lights the way for others. Be the peace that allows your true essence to light the way. Connect to the peace in another above all other energies. Connect to the peace that is your natural home and invite others to share that space with you on a Soul level."


Quando ensinar, não seja arrogante. E não se esqueça de que o aprendizado dura a vida toda.
Procure aprender tambem, em todas as ocasiões, e não despreze um bom conselho, só porque lhe chegou de lábios que voce julga menos puros.
Deus ajuda aos homens por meio dos próprios homens, e as vezes se serve de pessoas que não são perfeitas, para dar-nos avisos importantes.

Minutos de Sabedoria

When you are teaching, don't be arrogant. And don't forget that learning is a lifelong experience.
Search you too for knowledge, in all occasions, and don't despise a good advice, just because came from a source that you judge less pure.
God help men through men, and sometimes uses people that are not perfect to give us important insights.

Minutes of  Wisdom


Robert Happe - The power of Love

The link below will guide you to watch an interview with a filosofer talking about the power of Love.
It really worth it. Don"t miss it.




A beleza transitoria da materia passa depressa. Procure sondar a beleza interna das pessoas com quem convive.
Há flores belissimas e perfumadas, que só duram poucas horas. No entanto, apesar de não terem nenhum esplendor, as pedras duram milenios, realizando suas tarefas.

Não seja, pois, leviano. Não prefira o efemero ao eterno, a beleza aa sabedoria.
Firme-se no que dura para sempre, que é o Espirito imortal, nosso verdadeiro Eu, e não no que cedo desaperece.

Minutos de Sabedoria

The transitional beauty of matter is short. Search for the inner beauty of the people that share your day by day.
There are beautiful flowers that only last few hours. In despite, even not being splendorous, the stones last for millions of years, fulfilling its purpose in nature.

So don’t be frivolous. Don’t give preference to the ephemeral over the eternal, to beauty over the wisdom.
Look for what lasts forever, and this it’s the immortal Spirit, our true Self, and not to what early disappear.

Minutes of Wisdom